2007 Vendor of the Year Aery_Soul
2007 Vendor of the Year Aery_Soul | aery_soul, VOY, annual awards

So now I have your attention at least a while. While most of the audience have left, the rest insanely smile ...
(words by Cobain/Dougans, Future Sound Of London)

How does it feel to be the first Vendor of the Year for 3 consecutive years at Renderosity?

When we received the congratulation mail the first thing we thought about was ourselves six years ago... Our first look at the Poser world... we stared in admiration at the products available in the various stores and wondered where we could go.
There are never enough prizes or awards because such things remind us that we need to commit ourselves ever more.
It is an honor and a responsibility.

We don't want to just make Poser products, we also would like to share our knowledge and passion with others.
We have a large forum that is meant for product support but not only, we post tutorials, answer questions, give suggestions and help out if we can, we're glad to share the knowledge we have gathered through the years with other people.
When we started there were very little tutorials around and even less people willing to actually help out or explain things, we did it the hard way (by pressing all available buttons in Poser!) and now that we have the knowledge we want to be helpful.

You are best known for your unique clothing and hair line, and of course the infamous “Alice” character. Where do you find the inspiration to create these unique products?

We can never explain enough how much the world around us really gives us inspiration and pushes us to create.

Music for a starting: we listen to music all day long. The same song maybe plays a few times, sometimes it goes along almost unnoticed, other times it is our products soundtrack.

Artworks of many artists a not just by the "usual", famous names, we have a huge image library that includes tens of artists from all around the world and of all styles. Sometimes they are "just" boys and girls posting in various art forums/galleries that create something we find incredible and inspiring.
From the easternmost to the westernmost part of our globe all artists express themselves, their own feeling and mood, their culture and it is something truly beautiful that we have the chance to see everything.
We have the uttermost respect for each and every creation.

In the past I (As Shanim) used to create graphic for videogames, drawing by hand on my Amiga and my videogame experience is huge. I played videogames admiring the art in them: from the game design, to the graphic and music.
I consider videogames one of the most interesting and beautiful form of art.
This is why they are are main source of inspiration; the artistic side of videogames is an immense source for inspiration. From the little details to the colours choice. We find inspiration in every thing.
For example we have a few things inspired by games in our TO-DO list: a survivor/warrior outfit inspired to Warhawk, a fantasy set inspired to the magical worlds of Folklore and a sci-fi suit inspired to Mass Effect. Of course although inspiration comes from these sources they'll have that special Aery Soul twist and will not just copy something already seen in the game but only "represent" the flavour expressed in the game and our sensations about them.

We always try to put our special flavour into things, even when they are directly inspired to something already existing.

Inspiration is actually something simple: one just needs to keep their eyes wide open as a cat and their mind free and open as the sky.

What are you currently working on, and would you care to share any inside scoop with the Community on when it will make it's debut?

Our TO-DO list of projects is absurdly long and large.
We realize we cannot create a "Justice" a month, a product that is full of details both modeled an drawn on the textures and that is difficult to "translate" in Poser to make it move in there.
The most important thing is that we'll be creating ever larger and more complex products but also smaller sets and cheaper, always trying to keep an high quality level.
Our next larger product is -Hanyma Vengeance-, the "sequel" of our V3 package -Hanyma, the darkest star-. It is roughly based on the same concept but it's definitely an evolution. It's more detailed, larger, "harder". For a sneak preview you can check our forum thread where we are showing the helmet part progress: http://www.aerysoul.com/board/showthread.php?t=1727

Another important thing is that we'll keep producing products of different styles to have a wide and varied store. We like to range from fantasy to sci-fi, to contemporary stuff. We'll certainly look for more extreme solutions, trying to pass on feeling and sensations through our products.

Alice took the Community by storm in 2007, and being that she is retired, I'm sure the Community is still starving for yet another character from Aery_Soul. Are there any plans for a new Aery_Soul character in the future?

Most likely we will not create another character although we considered the idea of an elvish character, a Yaara 2, but it's just an idea, it's in the list but not as a project for the near future.
To take care of two custom fittings every time we create a product would really be very time-consuming and hard for us. That is what mainly refrains us from it and the fact that we want to focus on clothing packages now.

Alice enjoyed a large success. A lot of things have been said about her, some bad and also false but those were just a few and 95% of the people welcomed Alice in a way that really surprised us.
To us she really represents the essence of Aery Soul, she turned out just too "perfect" and we don't feel like seeing her available in the marketplace like "just" a product. At the same time we are very glad people can enjoy Alice and thus were happy to have her available for a limited time.
If retiring her from the marketplace may seem a lack of respect to customers we apologies but the heart is stronger than the reason...

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

I'll repeat these words for ever and ever: commitment and patience.
There is nothing else. These is no way if you don't have patience and are not committed to what you want to do. The results will come, with time... I state this strongly because we have been doing this work for six years and we've only gone though the first quarter through our path...

Practically apart from the obvious tools, what you really need is passion. You must be passionate and committed to aim for great achievements and spend a lot of time on them.
The right mind and motivation are very important, a couple of years ago we decided we should stop creating Poser products and rather start to create wonderful things, the best that people could find, we decided we wanted to create pieces of art, our products are our way to express art and our imagination.

As content creators try to have a wide spectrum of products, do not just focus on one thing, be it characters, clothes or sceneries; vary, this will make your store more complete and interesting, your imagination and skills widen and will push you to experiment and thus improve your knowledge base since different products require different techniques and skills.

Do you have any final words?

Yes, yes... we have finally come to this question and now we can also remain just a few since:
Not everybody can read English.
Not everybody wants to read English.
Not everybody wants to read what we write.
Not everybody thinks we're writing something useful (and meanwhile the rooms is emptying out.
Not everybody... al right, not I'm actually talking to myself!

We believe that knowledge and creativity could save the world.
There is a host of incredible things we can find up there.
We really don't have any time to waste for useless things such as stupidity and violence.
Believe in whatever you want, be whatever you want to be and I'll respect you. You do so too.

The world is in need of beautiful things, of meaningfull things, of things that bring happiness to the Soul, the Heart and the Mind.

These are our final words.

Our thanks, in almost no particular order:
to our parents for the patience and endless support.

To Amiga for allowing me to create and become aware of its programmers, graphic artists, musicians. You were great and some of you still are.

To videogames creators for both inspiration and fun. We deeply respect you because we know every one of you works hard to Create and we really admire what you do.

To movie writers and directors. Another wonderful form of art; we would always like to see movies that let our mind and imagination run wild and boundless for a couple of hours.
I will only mention (among the many we like) the Monty Phyton with a request: make another movie. We really miss you genious. Really.

To the artists that draw wonderful things and full of feelings and emotions. Do not ever think you're wasting your time in anything you do because at least ONE person in the world will understand and appreciate what you do.

To musicians. Many of you create things that are so incredibly beautiful that often we would like to be there and listen at all the trials you perform before the final, registered version. You art is perhaps the most direct and moving. You can do a lot and I hope one day everyone will realize that more recognition should be give to those that create Music, not those that produce music for the mass.

To the brilliant minds that with their inventions and discoveries, since the most ancient times, allowed our civilizations to progress and dream.

To books and comics, an immense source of enjoyment and thought. We would like to support all the writers and comic writers that create wonderful things and earn almost nothing. Go on, time will reward you.

A thank-you also to all kind of sports and physical activity that teach and remind us that "Mens Sana In Corpore Sano (healthy mind in healthy body).

Another thanks goes to all those people that silently work and sacrifice themselves for us.

I also want to thank my elementary school teacher, my primary school math teacher and my secondary school Italian teacher.

Finally we thank our friends, those that aren't anymore and live as shadows in my dreams.
A thanks to the sky, the sea, the wind and the fire ...
A thanks to the comets, asteroids, satellites, planets, galaxy, universe and everything in it ...
A thanks to the eyes, the smiles, the words, the gestures and the colours ...
A thanks to the binary numbers, the videogames, RpG, Internet, cybernetic and science, Dna and everything is alien.
A thanks to the fluffy and furry things, our baby plushes, martial arts, the Destiny and the Future.
A thanks to the beauty of the naked female/male body.
A thanks to all Soul, Mind, Body.

A thank-you to all those that support us and dedicate to us their precious time.

Thanks for the attention.
(just put the song you prefer for these ending credits)

Make sure you stop in and visit the Vendor of the Years:

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Member Opinions:
By: corvas on 1/3/08
Congrats you guys so deserve it
your products are amazing and always top quality.

By: colynn on 1/3/08
Congrats!! I agree, well deserved! ^^

By: amirapsp on 1/3/08
I love buying your products.
Congrats for the win.

By: pacman323 on 1/3/08
hi aery soul

i am a great fan of your work it 's amazing and i thought it's well deserve you receive this great price & congrats from all of us
You make our dream come true by ypur work
really thx for this

happy new year to you and much more to come :)

By: Heavenly_Spirit on 1/3/08
Well deserved for all your hard work
God Bless

By: DigitalDreamer on 1/3/08
well merited - I have a runtime just for Aery Soul stuff.

By: Propschick on 1/3/08
Congrats ! :-)

By: Alexander on 1/3/08
This is the perfect choise!!

By: Mariny on 1/3/08
Well Deserved!

By: daveyg on 1/3/08
Well Done… Well Deserved… Excellent Products… Keep 'em Coming…

By: SndCastie on 1/3/08
Way to go I just love your stuff.

By: powerage on 1/3/08
Bravo! It is well-deserved: products always with your original style that is your signature.

By: AscendedSpirit on 1/3/08
Love your work.

By: Lakotariver on 1/3/08
Hurray! Well deserved, You make some outstanding items and Thank you for the freebies you share with your fellow artist.
Hope this starts the new year for you off to a great start. Smiles

By: Kinouk on 1/3/08
Congrats to the dynamic duo :) Way to go :) Very happy for you! hugz

By: Strixowl on 1/3/08
FANTASTIC PRODUCTS!! Well deserved recognition. Congratulations!!

By: Mihoshi on 1/3/08
Congrats again you two!! Well deserved, I always look forward to the newest AerySoul creations.

By: luciferino on 1/3/08
Congrats mine friends ^_^..... Come dico sempre io siamo i migliori LOL, baci baci Orietta

By: muf on 1/3/08
Hey guys, congrats on the honor. You deserve it.

By: vt100 on 1/3/08
Well you've done it yet again guys!! Congratulations on another well deserved award! You make simply some of the best stuff money can buy!

By: RetroDevil on 1/3/08
awesome!! it wasnt really going to be anyone else really. Your products are the best!! well done

By: ShatteredExistance0 on 1/3/08
I agree with everyone here! Well deserved and congratulations! Your products are of the highest quality! =)

By: Shalimar-Cherie on 1/3/08
Wonderfull creations , deserved winners , congratulations and best wishes for the future .

By: gothwillowfan on 1/3/08
Well Done!

You guys deserve it.

By: Shiroyama on 1/3/08
Congratulations! Very well deserved. Thank you for being such original and inspiring artists!

By: Hawkins-GraFX on 1/3/08
A big congrats!!
Keep up the amazing work!

By: Sylvia on 1/3/08
*Muchas Felicidades* You truly deserve this Award!!! You are too Professional, & the quality of your Products is Fantastic... You make the imagination fly with your Original & Unique Styles!!! The Best Wishes for New Year 2008 :-}

By: LeChatDesigns on 1/3/08
I love the beauty, style and details that go into all of your models! Congratulations and all the best to you for 2008!

By: sireneidae on 1/3/08
A lot of vendors, a lotm of beautyful, amazing stuff and a lot of this vendors create great things, but I agree with all the buyers - Aero Souls's stuff has just this little tic keeping its very unique and take it out of the mass to the top.

Congratulation! I'm always waiting for the new Aery Soul creations.

By: fastburn on 1/3/08
Congrats to you both! It's well deserved! All the best to you in 2008, and i'm sure we all are looking forward to what you will amaze us with this year! Take care!

By: DdraigGraphics on 1/3/08
Love-love-love. So glad, so deserving. Congrats!

By: Yanelis3D on 1/3/08
I am so proud of your work, knowledge, dedication and artistic discipline. Thank you for being open to community.

Wish you the best in this new year 2008.

By: hhemken on 1/3/08
Aery-Soul is among the very best vendors, up there with Stonemason and Danie & Marforno

By: SageFlower on 1/3/08
Congratulations and please continue to be us your creative and excellent products.

By: LordLunacy on 1/3/08
A very well deserved award for the sheer magnificence of their work; congratulations Aery Soul, you deserve to be recognized as the best of '07.

By: the_tdog on 1/3/08
What is this, three years in a row now? And well deserved, too... each new product is a masterpiece... I'm personally looking forward to the "Gothic Girl" coming up, haven't even seen it yet, but I know it's gonna rock! Congrats three times!

By: ElorOnceDark on 1/4/08
Another well deserved honor! You guys are constantly pushing the envelope with your products from a techical and artistic standpoint, and I always look forward to seeing what you'll cook up next! Congratulations, and here's to a prosperous and exciting new year for Aery_Soul!

By: outoftouch on 1/4/08
Congrats! You deserve it :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

By: Kyoushi on 1/4/08
Very deserved. As an artist, I love the slender and curvy styles, all the angles.
As a musician I appreciate Aery_Souls support for music. And as a soon to be husband, thank you Aery_Soul, my girl friend loves the art I create due to you.
here's to you.

By: Cybertenko on 1/4/08
Absolutely no surprise! Well deserved! Congratulations!

By: rhibiki98 on 1/4/08
Congrats! I don't use the Victoria models but from what I've seen of your works, it is VERY well deserved. :)

By: vaia on 1/4/08
Many, MANY congratulations and thanks for the beautiful creations you've given us!! Best Wishes to you both! Have a fantastic 2008!

By: calico1 on 1/4/08
Congrats. No doubt why this honor is the case.

By: boundless on 1/4/08
Wonderful news - Congrats and a happy new Year!

By: TracyH613 on 1/4/08
Very good news...and extremely deserved. It has been a year since I started using Daz, but Aery Soul has become one of my favorite vendors. Look forward to anything new coming out. Congrats :)

By: Pygmee on 1/4/08
Your contribution to make "amateur CGI" more realistic and more beautiful deserve the best regard. I love Alice and the Wonderland you've created.
I loved Amiga too...
Tank you and thank you and thank you again!

By: Jenjen on 1/4/08
*woot* :)

Congrats .. beautiful and distinctive products that actually conform right and don't 'fall apart' when you put them thru their paces. Very, very well deserved!

By: VoidDweller on 1/4/08
Bravo! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

By: cliff-dweller on 1/4/08
Congratulations to you two! Your products are really superb and you provide wonderful customer service! The selection as VOTY is very well deserved indeed.

To Renderosity...I'm not sure your "infamous" tag on Aery Soul's Alice character was appropriate, however...you may want to check the dictionary on that one...

By: Giana on 1/4/08
i think you two will always be in my small list of 3D "heroes". after all these years i'm still in awe, still inspired, still enamoured. congrats. :))

By: Deadline_Imaging on 1/4/08
Congrats! I personally think that you do indeed have some of the best products on the market these days. This is definately a well earned honor for you. Thank you for all the wonderful products you have for us. =D

By: Moondog117 on 1/5/08
Thanks for being you!

By: shonsu on 1/5/08
Congratulation. Simply, well your products are marvellous.

By: Talisman on 1/5/08
I've followed and bought Aery Soul products since I discovered Silver Feather many years ago.

It was a product line that was so versatile, I began to watch for more from its creator and have done so ever since.

By: Demonesse on 1/5/08
The perfect choice, very, very well deserved. Fantastic products with a creative uniquness I've not seen surpassed anywhere. Congrats!

By: greywolfe1960 on 1/5/08
Congrats!!! Your products are outstanding and I look forward to every new release!

By: Skipychic on 1/5/08
Keep up the great work.. I totally love your products and would've been suprised if you didnt get this award..

By: Tavia3D on 1/6/08
SO very well deserved!

By: efron_241 on 1/7/08
Arie is indeed a good creator !!

I just got Justice and am playing with her with great fun..

By: Vaizaado on 1/8/08
Congratulations on a well deserved winning streak! Your creations never cease to amaze me, and probably never will. They are outstanding in most aspects, and truly come in a league of their own. Kind regards!

By: jan_scrapper on 1/8/08
Congrats on 2007 Vendor of the Year!!!

The first time I saw one of your products, I was in such awe at the beauty and the unique style. I was fortunate to be able to purchase Alice!!! I have asked you several questions...I had hoped for a texture for LittleFox Kit!!! You were so gracious in your answer. This lovely interview has the same heart I see in your art. Best Wishes for this new year...Hugs, Jan.

By: jerr3d on 1/8/08
Congratulations Aery Soul, you deserve Vender of the Year, your creations are fabulous !

By: venerella on 1/8/08
You're taking what you're giving. It is fantastic to see the best creators with such a great fantasy beeing also able to share their knowledge.
I've seen myself how much you employ in this work too and have it appreciated so much. I believe you haven't had help, but you are doing the opposite with others... Nothing can express any better what that means to people like me thinking that sharring with others could be the safety of this world. You give, you're getting back... And people shows it with their love for you. I too am in love for you, and wishing you another wonderful Year. At RO and your own lifes too.

By: sirocco on 1/9/08

By: alltheoriginalnames on 1/9/08
Congrats, it's well deserved. All your creations look great and are easy to use. You guys have talent and artistic vision. Always looking forward to more products as well as art pieces in your galleries. Once again congratulations.

By: LilyHawk on 1/10/08

By: angelbearzs on 1/11/08
wow he awesome vendor

By: WitchyDesigns on 1/11/08
Congrats! Love your products! :)

By: lysanne on 1/11/08

By: Ehouarn on 1/11/08
Congratulations! Love your products!!

By: jbarkls on 1/11/08

It is the inspiration(s) you all have given along the way that really earns above mere respect in the Arts.


By: BonBonish on 1/11/08

By: Aery_Soul on 1/12/08
Thanks to everyone for the nice comments!
We wish to each of you a creative life!

By: leehilliard on 1/12/08
you've all been an inspiration to me for a number of years congratulations to you all and the best of luck for the future.lastely thank you for the inspiring and helpful tips.

By: Chicane on 1/13/08
Well deserved!

By: SomethingStrange on 1/16/08
Congratulations! your beautiful work allows many of us to achieve our visions in 3D :) Well deserved!

By: shipmanjonathan on 1/18/08
Congrats!! All of your work is wonderfully mastered and calculated!! What a wonderful achievement to have 3 yrs in a row!

By: LadySythe on 1/21/08
Right on! You guys deserve it!! And then some! ;)

By: artistmuller on 1/23/08
the beautiful world

By: mylemonblue on 1/24/08
"Believe in whatever you want, be whatever you want to be and I'll respect you. You do so too."
Congratulations and yes believe and be yourself! That is the key. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all. Your creativity is inspiring! ^____^

By: madmaxh on 1/28/08
Well-deserved as always. Your work is consistently fantastic. Bravo!

By: lygher_xero on 1/30/08
well done and well deserved

By: richardson on 1/31/08
Best of the best confirmed. Hopefully this market will grow enough to make this easier for you. It seems to every year...

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