2006 Vendor of the Year Aery_Soul
2006 Vendor of the Year Aery_Soul | aery_soul, VOY, annual awards
How does it feel to be the first Vendor of the Year for 2 consecutive years at Renderosity?
It is something very positive and constructive. We are the living proof that with some commitment important goals can be reached.

It is all too easy for us to think about the past and fishing in the pond of memories catch some of the first, hard ones as merchants, when everyone seemed able to create better things than ours and some merchants' skill really looked unreachable.

Today we are proud to be part of Renderosity's history. We are proud to receive sincere compliments from many people that truly appeciate our creations and we feel proud for the fact that we have built our own identity and style. We know we are Aery Soul and we want to continue getting better and better. And we are proud to hear the voice of our parents that congratulate us.

You are best known for your unique clothing and hair line. Where do you find the inspiration to create these unique products?
Inspiration comes from artists and drawers of any kind and style, from videogames, from music and everyday life. I think that as years pass by my "mesh" syndrome gets worse as it strikes often when I move around or visit shops and other places. I look at something and imagine to see it in Maya with its vertex ready to be pulled and moved, to be extruded and so on. And it can get even worse if we are at a games and comics convention or something like that. My brain starts a sort of mystical dance to find out the greatest inspiration and lapse into the images, already ready to become 3d objects and the ritual goes one until my batteries go off (I admit it: I'm powered with batteries)

Of course videogames and movies are worth a special mention. I believe videogames to be the utmost expression of electronic art and very often I found inspiration in vdeogames of every kind. The inspiration that comes from a videogame can usually be defined as "detailed". That is, a character of an adventure is wearing some kind of boots which, for some reasons, I like and would like to create therefore I immediately sketch something on paper and then my adventure in Maya starts. Movies, on the other hand, do not offer such a "detailed" inspiration as videogames do, they rather offer the inspiration for a style, a general idea of what an outfit will be as a whole.

And in the end another special mentions for music. Not only music gives me the energy to go on working but when the right song plays in the right moment it can easily inspire me images and scenes featuring the clothes I'm creating, with some heroine wearing them and playing some spectacular action scenes.

Every thing, in the end, if looked at in the right way, can be a great source for inspiration, the world really is full of things that can inspire to create art in every possible form.

What are you currently working on, and would you care to share any inside scoop with the Community on when it will make it�s debut?
If the god (or goddess) of creativity, health and our computers support us our next products will be certainly better that those we released during 2006.

Alice, our first 2007 product coming soon, will be our first complete character set including a body texture set completely created from scratch by Siliphiel and a custom character with head and body sculpted in ZBrush, she is based on Victoria 4 and with Alice we are starting a new adventure after so many year spent with Kielo and Yaara (that is, with Victoria 3). Alice is not simply a product, for us she is Aery Soul's philosophy turned into a body and a face. Something we really care about and that we'll be constantly support.

The other products are quite ambitious too and will feature varied and intriguing styles:
- a fantasy/medieval full plate heavy armor (Justice)
- an intricate and original fantasy set (White Rose)
- a set of poses featuring some innovative ideas
- the official follow-up of our See No Evil (Hear No Evil) and Hanyma (Hanyma Vengeance)
- an ultra sci-fi suit inspired by the worlds of Warhammer.
And considering that in our WIP directory there are already some half-ready meshes for other sets we will probably release something else together with the above mentioned main projects.

All our projects and products are created and worked on with passion and enjoyment for our work. We believe that fun and satisfaction our work can give us are fundamental since, personally, I really do not like to do something like putting puzzle pieces together, something that isn't truly creative but just automatic, and as long as this work gives us satisfaction and desire we'll continue doing it.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
That is one of the things I most enjoy.
I admit that in the past I often asked for advice from people that were certainly more competent than me. Often, very often, well, always actually, I received very vague answers or I was simply ignored. The only think I used to think was that if one day I was be able to give some advice to someone I would do what I consider to be the best thing: I would be honest and clearly state what one needs to do to reach a goal.

I am saying what I have always believed and what I consider to be the only way to reach success: care and dedication. There is no goal that cannot be reached and goals exist because they can be reached and dedication is the fuel that can drive one far, really very far off.

Do you have any final words?
As always I have the impression I say banal things and, in some way, uninteresting ones since, as it is obvious, every one of us has their own ideas and I just had the opportunity to tell the public some of mines. Nothing more.
What I would like to say?
I'd like to say that every day life is hard, that one really needs courage to born and live in this world, but we are here and we have to do it good and well, all the way.

What I'd like to do? Many, really many things.

What I'd like to say? That's the second time I make myself the same question... and the answer is different and, in some way, not even important.

I remind my self that these are the final words and, as always, the most interesting things are at the top and at the bottom (we are too many in the middle) therefore straight to the point:


There are too many things that we'd like to do and say and they only thing we can say is our gaze....

Thanks to:
Our parents, fundamental for all and everything. Our friends, those that aren't anymore and live as shadows in my dreams. Our buddies. A thank you to Music, as a whole, to the Arts, all of them; to the sky, the sea, the wind and the fire, to the comets, asteroids, saltellities, planets, galaxy, universe and everything in it, to the eyes, the smiles, the words, the gestures and the colours; to the binary numbers, the videogames, Amiga and Commodore, Internet, cybernetic and science, Dna and everything is alien, RpG, Soul, Mind, Body and again Soul Mind Body, the movies, to our teachers, our lives, the fluffy and furry things, our baby plushes, martial arts, the sports, the Destiny and the Future. And then, thanks to all that had the will and patience to get here. Thanks to Renderosity's admins for the patience and passion. And finally, a special mention and thanks to Georges Koncz.

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Member Opinions:
By: pacman323 on 12/31/06
congratulation to you
you deserve this supreme reward !!
all your product are very great easy to use and you are always present if we need help
thx for all this and hope more to come
have an happy new year full of stuff for us :p
keep health
have a nice year

By: cyber-art on 12/31/06

By: silverspirit on 12/31/06
congrats aery_soul... very well deserved... :)...

By: SndCastie on 1/1/07
congrats to you

By: RoseMoxon on 1/1/07

By: stormchaser on 1/1/07
Congratulations As Shanim & Siliphiel, you totally deserve it!
Aery_Soul was one of the main inspirations for me in getting into the world of Poser. I so look forward to another great year of products.

By: Alexander on 1/1/07
yes, this is very good!! the best of the year!!!

By: luciferino on 1/1/07
Bravi bravi!!!!!!! Yours product are amazing thanks you well deserved.. bye Orietta

By: renapd on 1/1/07
No surprise at all and most well deserved! It's an honor to be among your friends..your creativity talent is endless, a perfect match to your unbelievable imagination for Poser clothing that brings them to another dimension of detail and realistic movement to its best! CONGRATS and I have no doubt they'll be many happy returns! :)

By: annita on 1/1/07
Congrats Aery_Soul

By: L33tace on 1/1/07

By: Swordsmaster on 1/1/07
Congradulations for excellent products that are beautifully designed and work well.

By: Pebbles on 1/1/07

By: hahtor on 1/1/07
Congrates!! you make a good job!!

By: calico1 on 1/1/07
Congratulations! Your generosity and talent have been brought to our attention.

By: Mariny on 1/1/07

By: Kinouk on 1/1/07
Way to go guys :) So happy. Big congrates!!!! tonz of hugz

By: aneirin on 1/1/07
Congratulations to you and a happy new year.

By: ephotosaver on 1/1/07
Well Deserved.....

By: vaia on 1/1/07
Many congratulations!!
Thank you for giving us such wonderful products!

By: Kimberly.3D on 1/1/07
You definately deserve this for using a lot of imagination and creativity in your characters, clothing and props. Every one is top quality! I wish you the very best in the New Year!!! Kimberly.3D

By: msebonyluv on 1/1/07
Congratulations!! A reason why this award is so well deserved is because you have rewarded us with your beautiful and impressive products! Thank you!!!

By: shonsu on 1/1/07
Congratulations for creating an excellent product.

By: Strixowl on 1/1/07
Congratulations!! to one of the very best merchants around. Greatly deserved

By: Maveris on 1/1/07
Many many congrats!!!... And Happy New Year!!!

By: thales on 1/1/07
parabns e que se repita em 2007!

By: jartz on 1/1/07
Ah, just like wine - it gets better with age; and so are your fantastic products which gather realism and style and imagination that is all of your own. You have wowed us (the 3d Community) more and more. A well deserved honor. Congratulations and many more! JB

By: jonnyray on 1/1/07
Some of the most unique and stylish items on the market. Very well deserved!

By: Shardz on 1/1/07
My sincere congratulations on this great honor! Your level of quality in your products and creative design are outstanding! Looking forward to seeing more in 2007!

By: MGDesign on 1/2/07
All the best Wishes for 2007, and congratulations with this award!
Your products are always perfect & impressive!

By: Darsa on 1/2/07
I ***love*** AS's stuff! Congratulations on well-deserved recognition! :D

By: deviney on 1/2/07
have to say I bought her products,top knotch,with a question on a subject, she responds right away,not like some,her product is her life and she is damn good at it. Thank You

By: Raeven on 1/2/07
Congratulations and well earned! The quality of your work is unparalleled in the Poser world. Each product you put out is always better then the last and I love the morph poses incorperated into your clothing. Looking forward to seeing more in 2007. :)

By: scooby37 on 1/2/07
You have been very helpful to me and I can think of no one that deserve this accolade more. A Happy and profitable new year to you.

By: argentx on 1/2/07
Congratulations! Definately a well-earned award. The work you've put out has been unique, useful, and high quality.

By: jjean21 on 1/2/07
A very well deserved honor for both of you. Your attention to detail and the quality of your products is unsurpassed.

By: megaionstorm on 1/2/07
One of the great masters in the poser scene. Congratulation and a happy new year !

By: mylemonblue on 1/2/07
I always love the way you follow your own personal vision. It's wonderful to see you as the Vendor of the Year. Congratulations! ^_^

By: Claywoman on 1/2/07
Congratulations!! So very well deserved!

By: Marty_Mcfly84 on 1/2/07
Congrats...you deserve it....love all your stuff and i can hardy wait until the next product comes to market..

By: Posermatic on 1/3/07
Congratulations, well deserved!

By: efron_241 on 1/3/07
Great !! Belong to my favorite creators indeed

By: nightsong on 1/3/07
Congratulations, very well deserved indeed! Your work is truly of the highest quality.

By: 3Dream on 1/3/07
Many congrats. Your products are excellent!

By: SevenWraith on 1/3/07
You have some truly awesome products. Congratulations on your selection. I look forward to see your creativity reach new heights in 2007. Happy New Year!

By: rockets on 1/3/07

By: Azr1el on 1/4/07
Congratulations! It is well deserved and like SevenWraith, I look forward to the 2007 collection :)

By: UrbanChilli on 1/4/07
Again - congratulations for becomming VOY. You deserve it! Looking forward to see what you two will pull out of the hat in 2007.

By: Rynn on 1/4/07
So very well deserved! Congratulations! :)

By: Aral3D on 1/4/07
I had no doubt you would have been the merchant of the year!with such a wonderful stuff I was sure!!!!Congrats!!!Keep working!!!!

By: Adiene on 1/4/07
Grats hun! Well deserved. I look forward to seeing more wonderful items in 2007! *hugs*

By: josema8 on 1/4/07
Congratulations, Aery Soul, for a hard work and a high quality products with ho equal. Aery Soul is not a name, it's a Trademark into Poser realms.
But sadly I read your Work in Progress for this year and I see you don't have any products for males nor any male fantasy character or clothing for boys (on videogames there are boys too, guys!!!)on consideration. I continue looking at your new releases, in the deep hope some day you will futhfill the dreams of many people (me among them).

By: seaayre on 1/4/07
Congratulations. You have earned it. :)

By: Valentin3D on 1/4/07
Congratulations, and thank you for everything that you bring to the community!

By: Ilenora on 1/4/07
Although I may think some of your clothes to be a wee bit skimpy, they're still amazingly detailed, realistic (sometimes ;]) and are top quality. I have a few of your items and I love all of them, the morphs for movement are realistic, flowing, and easy to use.
Keep making these great products, we all like them ^_^

By: Virtual_World on 1/4/07
I always admired your creations, after reading your interview I also admire the person. Congratulations!

By: fastburn on 1/4/07
Very well deserved!

By: Bellonna on 1/4/07
Congrats!!! Well earned and well deserved!!!

By: Rainfeather on 1/4/07
my congratulations to you and siliphiel!!! you guys have been truly inspirational to us all and this is a truly well deserved honor!!!

By: koncz on 1/4/07
Congratulations, my friends:)
By your creativity and entousiasm to create and share your vision of a different world, you really deserve to be Vendor of the Year :)

What say more... except thanks, for your help, for share your knoledge with Poser' users and, the most important, for your friendship :)

Georges :) 8)

By: Aishai on 1/5/07
Congratulations!!!! Love your work always! :)

By: kimbrd1 on 1/5/07
You totally deserve this award. I am proud to be a constant supporter and I follow your work for my own inspiration all the time. Your tutorials that come with your designs are outstanding in themselves. I think the effort you put into your catwalk and individual showmanship of pieces within a collection mark your style. On that note, you always add free pieces that coordinate the tutorials and pieces. Congratulations full on!

By: Gucky on 1/5/07
Thanks for your always creative work and the inspiration you give. And thanks for your friendly help on everything your are asked for.

By: angele on 1/5/07
Congratulations !!!

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 1/5/07
Congrats!! Well deserved!!

By: Francr on 1/5/07
Congratulations Aery , You really deserve it!!!!!!!!

By: scottl on 1/5/07
Well deserved indeed for 2 wonderfull people.

By: Lully on 1/6/07
Congratulations to you both, IMO your products stand out from the rest. There is no one to surpass you, you have inspired a very large percentage of those who render and feel you deserve this reward over and over again, Renderosity should also consider adding a sub category in the gallerys called "Aery Soul" as I feel you have not only a following with your wonderful style, but have set a whole new way of art!! Well done!

By: Aery_Soul on 1/6/07
Thanks to everyone.


By: bobby007 on 1/6/07
Congratulations. I like all your stuff for poser. Excellent work.

By: ruby_dragon on 1/6/07
Congratulations! You've totally earned it - I'm super proud of all of you :) Keep up the beautiful work!

By: Symbion7 on 1/6/07
Congratulations, very well deserved! Thanks for your great Artworks. Allways a inspiration for myself, you guys push me to my very own limits. :O)

By: artistheat on 1/7/07
Congrats You deserve it:)

By: Smoovie on 1/7/07
You definitely deserve it

By: jaynep12002 on 1/8/07
I love your stuff! Congratulations!

By: Sylvia on 1/9/07
Definetely You both deserve this Recognizition... Your work is Incredibly Beautiful & Professional!! You are Unique & Amazing Designers & Artists... Congratulations from Sylvia & giovanino :)

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 1/9/07
You deserve it sooooooooooo much!!!! Lub all your products and looking forward to see your 2007 character :O)))
Congrats :O))

By: calico1 on 1/9/07
Congratulations. Your work is talented and creative. Hoping for more of that talent to show up here. Thanks for your generosity as an artist. Your free stuff is awesome, too!

By: aik_696 on 1/10/07
Your among the best. You deserve this reward, that is for sure !!!

I'm looking forward to see your 2007 work.

Long life to Aery Soul

By: TwoPynts on 1/10/07
Big congrats to you, a well deserved honor.

By: SalmonGeek on 1/10/07
You are an inspiration to the rest of us. Well done, and congratulations!

By: outoftouch on 1/10/07
Congrats! Very well deserved!!!! :)

By: powerage on 1/11/07
Congrats !

By: robpendragon on 1/11/07
Top notch! Best product out there!

By: Surama on 1/15/07
Congratulations...so well deserved!

By: VoidDweller on 1/15/07
Congratulations! You guys deserve this honor.

By: mwkloh on 1/16/07
Well deserved recognition! Always love your products!! Congratulations!!

By: tralfaz on 1/16/07
Congrats! When I 1st started 3D (Bryce) and then Poser I found some of your early free items. This inspired me to imporve my skills as a render artist and sometimes to take a stab at modeling. Mainly to create in some way and that's very important to me. Over the years I have used many of your products and have gotten to know the both of you. I think most of us here share in your dreams and desires (last paragraph). In turn you have helped us reach our own desires and goals. For that and everything I thank you.

By: xantor on 1/18/07
Well done!

By: magnus073 on 1/19/07
Congratulations, this award couldn't go to more deserving people. They have always taken the time to answer any questions I have, talk to me and even help me when things seemed bleak. It's nice to see them rewarded for not just their dedication but for their character. David C. Smith aka Magnus073

By: killerkane on 1/21/07
very good show! i love your work and hope that you have even more success in years to come :)

-jeff fisher AkA killerkane

By: SGT2005 on 1/24/07
Congratulations on being the two time winner

By: clea on 1/25/07
well done i like youre show nice greetings clea

By: venerella on 2/1/07
Ho paura di essere in ritardo (e quando mai! ehehe) per davvero congratulazioni, perch vi meritate tutto il successo che avete davvero :)

By: mayles on 2/5/07
non mai tardi per dirvi semplicemente che siete i numeri uno. Ciao ragazzi. Tiz

By: Artemis on 2/5/07

By: Madrigal on 2/6/07
Well done, your stuff is amazing!

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