2003 Artist Of The Year!


2003 Artist Of The Year!
Congratulations to enax for winning 2003's Artist of the Year title!

Enax was voted Artist of the Month in August. You can read his interview here.

If you're unfamiliar with enax's work, click here to view his gallery.

A few words from enax:
"I discovered Poser casually and seeing its possibilities for graphic design, I bought the version P4PP. Looking for stuff for the new software I discovered Renderosity, and with it, a new world, a great community of artists with wonderful works in the galleries and more: forums, store, free stuff...I joined Renderosity in September 2002 and I uploaded my first free stuff, the sky_01, on September 15; the next two months, till November, I uploaded more free stuff: props, lights, textures, backgrounds. Sixteen items in total but with 30,000 downloads. I even wrote a tutorial for Poser. At this time I made the first contacts with members of Renderosity. It's a good start in a new community.

"From December to April, 2003, I was very busy and I did nothing here, but in May I saw announced the Gallery of the Month of Photography. I took a look in the gallery and in the forum of photography, also in other galleries, fractal, Vue, Bryce, Cinema 4D, 3dsMax, 2D, Mixed Medium...and I saw that Renderosity is more than Poser, that it is truly an exhaustive Art Community. I'm of these that think that any image can be Art, no matter the medium, what really matters is the way of the artist to transmit a message, an emotion, and from Poser to 2D I saw a lot of powerful images, masterpieces: intense, emotive, from a landscape in Vue, a surrealistic image in Bryce, an abstract image or drawing in 2d, a 3D render with an impressive mood created with light. Imaginative fractals full of beauty, exquisite images of Poser, the stories or poetry of the writers, the infinite possibilities of Mixed Medium...and of course, the photography. All is Art; all is the way as one person transmits something, and Renderosity (better now with the improved speed) is the place where we can share our works...our images, and, through them, our feelings.

"I submitted my first photo the same day, May 1. Quickly I discovered, in the forum of photography, the monthly challenge, and a wonderful group of artists. All was really very exciting, the firsts comments on my photos, the firsts friends here. I started my list of favorite artists and it grew every day with new artists, new people...new friends.

"The monthly challenge, without winners, with the intention of creating a monthly gallery of different photographers, with different points of view, taking and sharing photos during the month under the same theme, was very interesting for me. I remember the first challenge, "Repetition"; I always hated these kind of photos with repetitions, it was truly a challenge for me, and I took photos of repetitions, photos that, without the challenge, I had never taken, and that I'm very happy with. One of these photos that I took for the challenge 'Homeless Living Next to the Sea' was even my first #1 in the hot 20 of photography; you can imagine how important this was for me.

"Being a member of Renderosity conditioned positively my photos, also, with the monthly challenge I started my series of triptychs, a new way of expression, which I like very much and I'm very happy with this little series. Also in the summer I started doing fractals and I enjoyed this very much too. Poser, Vue, 2D and Mixed Medium are galleries where I submitted images as well. Now I have a lot of images that I'm trying to organize in my page by galleries linked with Renderosity, but I'm working on it yet and it has not much content at this moment.

"A new year full of possibilities and new projects is here. I want to continue with my series of photos 'Abstractions of the Nature' playing with light, color, lines and compositions to create mood with these visual effects. But I would like to experiment with new ways too.

"The nomination for AOM encouraged me very much as well, and now, being the AOY, I'm very happy, honored, excited and especially grateful, grateful with the members of the Team of Renderosity, always collaborative, professional and friendly. Also I'm very grateful with the people who voted for me in the AOM, to the members that added me in their list of favorite artist, and grateful, very grateful, with the people who comment on my images, my friends online, for those 3,487 comments that I read, valuated and appreciated One by One. Thank you very much."