12 Days of Christmas at Renderosity!


As the Christmas Holiday draws near, Renderosity is inviting its Newsletter Subscribers to join us in celebrating this year's 12 Days of Christmas celebration. We know it's a busy time of year for all but we think you'll want to stay tuned to Renderosity this Holiday Season as we have some outstanding giveaway offers!

Beginning on Friday December 14th, we'll be offering a great gift for the following 12 days just for being a Newsletter Subscriber. Although the daily prizes will vary, one thing remains the same - you have to be a Newsletter Subscriber in order to be eligible to take part. In some cases we will be offering exclusive coupon codes that won't be restricted to any one winner but will be open to use by any and all subscribers.

Not yet a subscriber? Click Here to edit your profile and check 'YES' next to receive email newsletters.


To keep everyone informed of that days special giveaway event and the previous days winner (if applicable), an email will be delivered to you on a daily basis.


Below are some of the things you can look forward to be given away!


Itunes Gift Cards



Magazine Subscriptions

Digital Camera

Much More!


*All shippable items will be shipped by Friday, January 4th providing address confirmation from recipients.


promo image: Christmas Fun from Makena

Member Opinions:
By: Kerya on 12/11/12
Thank you!

By: renecyberdoc on 12/11/12
yeah lets get into the frenzy lol.good luck to all (and myself heheheh)

By: Estroyer on 12/11/12
Awesome, but does it count for european subscriptions as well?

By: lunchlady on 12/11/12
Woo Hoo!!! What fun! Thanks Renderosity!!!

By: lobus777 on 12/11/12
Just awesome, my favorite time of the year!

By: pokeydots on 12/11/12
Thank you! Good luck everyone!

By: Kazam561 on 12/11/12
Many thanks and happy holidays to the staff! :)

By: twingo on 12/11/12
Thanks, goodluck to all.

By: SDLife on 12/11/12
Thank you!

By: kerrieanne on 12/11/12
lovely, Looking forward to the weekend now in more ways than one :D

By: aqua1955 on 12/11/12
It's the most wonderfull time of the year

By: RodS on 12/11/12
I await with greaaat anticipation.... :-D

By: LadyElf on 12/11/12
Keeping my fingers crossed :)

By: khornby on 12/11/12
Wow...that's cool. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed

By: Godin on 12/12/12
Awesome!! Thank you Renderosity :)

By: Savage_dragon on 12/12/12
I haven't received the newsletter in months. & its allowed on my settings.

By: SilverDolphin on 12/12/12

By: herhey2000 on 12/12/12
Sounds good.

By: MistyLaraPrincess on 12/12/12
i wouldn't be interested in magazine subscriptions.

By: BrokenWings on 12/12/12
Very cool! Happy Holidays, everyone!

By: anniekitties on 12/12/12
Yipeeee!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! Thanks Renderosity!

By: grylin on 12/12/12
awesome :D have a great xmas everyne :)

By: mejed on 12/12/12
ooooh i hope i win something.:)

By: meeshy on 12/12/12
Cool!! Thank you! :D Good luck everyone :)

By: Ghostpanther on 12/12/12
Mmmmhhh - I like Christmas ;-)

By: npauling on 12/12/12
Wow, super prizes and a fun giveaway. Thankyou Renderosity for giving us this chance.

By: Richardphotos on 12/12/12
sounds like a winning proposition. thanks

By: SMILEYDEE on 12/13/12
This should be interesting:) Thank you Renderosity, Happy Holidays! Good luck to all of us!

By: Sylvia on 12/13/12
*Fantastic* THANKS!!! Happy Holidays to Everybody :-}

By: TehJenneh on 12/13/12
Wouldn't -that- be nice. ^_^

By: foxylady1 on 12/13/12
Many thanks. Super prizes.

By: Silverwind on 12/13/12
Gift certificate would be awesome! No whammies! X-D Happy Holidays everyone! *hugs*

By: mikeerson on 12/14/12
Just getting your newsletter makes me a winner,I like checking them out. I do subscribe to other 3D newsletters and once company has put basically the same print and pictures for this past year... another one always advertises armored suits.... Your newsletters are always looked forward to - thank ou for keeping them interesting.... Did I say I love the freebees too? I do - lol

By: Karaliina on 12/14/12
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! hehe....Good luck to everyone and I hope you all get your wishes! :)

By: Wsupatoi on 12/14/12
Cool everything looks great. I'm ready.

By: dateablechameleon on 12/14/12
good idea...good luck everyone
Merry Christmas to one n all

By: Lakeesha on 12/14/12
Woot Woot! That's so generous :)

By: Inspired_Art on 12/14/12
Ooooh, I wish I would win! I never win anything, and I try to! LOL

By: Casshanuts on 12/14/12

By: Cazcie on 12/14/12

By: P3D-Art on 12/14/12
Ute won on her Birthday ... Yeah!!

By: missoo on 12/14/12
Cool gifts thanks

By: fizzysparkle on 12/14/12
Wowee! Great idea and good luck to everybody. Thank you Rendo and I hope you and all your fantastic subscibers have a wonderful Christmas xxx

By: dallas40m on 12/14/12
Very cool Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!!

By: Amigo968 on 12/14/12
Good luck for all!

By: MarciaGomes on 12/14/12
Os premios são fantásticos.
Feliz Natal a toda equipe.

By: parkdalegardener on 12/14/12
Cool Thanks

By: vailfox on 12/14/12
I like it! Happy Holiday! America

By: azoohouse on 12/14/12
Generous gifts, thank you! Good luck everyone!

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 12/14/12
Awesome! Thank you very much for doing this! :D
Good luck everybody! :)

By: poisinivy on 12/14/12
Congratulation to the winners & Happy Holidays to all :)

By: flavia49 on 12/14/12
GREAT!! Thank you and good luck everybody!

By: exyooper on 12/14/12
This is great!

By: Ometeotl on 12/14/12
Ohh, this is great! Thank you and have a wonderful Season

By: bebopdlx on 12/14/12
Again, very cool !

By: peechez2010 on 12/14/12
How exciting! What a thoughtful and generous thing to do. Thank you very much. Congratulations to all that win, good luck to all and I wish everyone the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest, healthiest of New Years! :)

By: Biscuits on 12/14/12
Oh exciting!!!

By: XiMiX on 12/14/12
Sound good to me.

By: zawarkal on 12/14/12
What a wonderful time of year IT IS!

By: gingercakes47 on 12/14/12
Exciting! Already saw some names I'm familiar with have won today's prize.

Good luck and Happy Holidays to all.

By: jicobar on 12/14/12
Yey! I would like to be one of the winners!

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 12/14/12
:D Thank You!

By: starlitemoon on 12/14/12
Wonderful, congrats to everyone who have already won and good luck to those of us remaining

By: katibabi on 12/14/12
Very cool. Thank you!

By: Carol_i28 on 12/14/12

By: Amaranth on 12/14/12
Oh very nice ! Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas :)

By: battlestrength on 12/14/12
Cool! Great Xmas idea :)

By: Ealswythe on 12/14/12
Thank you! Good Luck to everyone! :-) Wishing everyone the best for Christmas!

By: BuffaloJoe on 12/14/12
Simply briliant!!!

By: raiden0100 on 12/14/12
great, that is just so cool. good luck everyone!

By: Xerxes0002 on 12/14/12
How wonderful!!! Something to watch the countdown and hope!! Good Luck to everyone! Merry Christmas!

By: _fairyprincess on 12/14/12
Good luck and Marry Christmas everyone

By: AlexandersGrandma on 12/14/12
Very cool. I'm wishing everyone in the 3D community a very Blessed Christmas and a wonderous New Year!

Hugs, Grandma Paula

By: eekdog on 12/14/12
another wonderful and thoughtful christmas giveaway by the awesome rendo crew and vendors, thanks a million. Happy Holidays.. eekdog

By: RubyT on 12/15/12
Happy Holidays to all!

By: vitachick on 12/15/12
Excellant for the holidays..

Good luck to all!

By: radion001 on 12/15/12
Thanks for this, sounds very good and I will be looking in every day, as I have done since signing up some time ago, Merry Christmas to all

By: Aquariusdes on 12/15/12
What a awesome gift!
All have a merry Christmas and be thankful for your loved-ones.

By: Kitty13 on 12/15/12
Great idea! Will check every day and keep fingers crossed. Merry Christmas to everyone at Renderosity!

By: tary on 12/15/12
I will like to win something.

By: GKDantas on 12/15/12

By: Jean_C on 12/15/12
Fantastic idea! Good luck to all!

By: lkiilerich on 12/15/12
Nice idea! Merry Christmas to all of you :-)

By: Rose2000 on 12/15/12
Congrats to the winners :)

By: StuartB on 12/15/12
Thanks Renderosity. It would be nice to win, at least I'll have 1 present this Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all.

By: renholli on 12/15/12
excellent ty we need this after all the sadness on the news

By: SolidusSoft on 12/15/12
Cool, though I never win anything, so congrats everyone else! xD

By: linkchip on 12/15/12
thanks happy holidays to all

By: Tibanna on 12/15/12
Vielen Dank mach gerne mit
Frohes Fest euch allen

By: DTaly on 12/15/12
Merry Christmas, Renderosity...thanks for all you do!

By: flexor on 12/15/12
I'd love to win something!!!

By: WitchStorm on 12/15/12
Thank you. Much luck everyone!

By: Green_My_Eyes on 12/15/12
Never was good at winning Bingo -- maybe Big Fish?

By: MarcosDk on 12/15/12
Yeah! great idea :)

By: JayPeeBee on 12/15/12
Best wishes and luck to all for Cristmas ! Winning it's nice but's not important. Sharing with other and live in peace is. Healt and Joy to the world !

By: maeven on 12/15/12
What a great idea. Thanks guys and Congrats to helgas for getting that first gift. Happy Holidays to all of you.

By: Akyashaa on 12/16/12
Yay awesome idea!! :)

By: savanna on 12/16/12
Tolle Idee, ich Freue michein schoenen 3. Advent wuensche ich euch allen^^

By: Syllie on 12/16/12
Happy holidays to everyone and I hope that each lucky winner enjoys their gifts. Thank you Rendo for another great action!

By: SerpentineFire on 12/16/12
quite cool

By: foxylady1 on 12/16/12
Congratulations to the winners so far. Nice prizes.

Good luck everyone.

By: mikada on 12/16/12
Have fun! Lets do it. Merry Christmas!

By: Woody12 on 12/16/12
Wonderful act on your part, giving back.

Thank You, God Bless

By: Crisisibliss on 12/16/12
some good stuff!

By: fmfdoc on 12/16/12
WooHoo Gotta Luv the Holiday Spirits

By: gen_shingar on 12/16/12
I always have subscribed, but I never win anything. Congrats to those who do :)

By: JuicyQTsoFlyy on 12/17/12
wow!!! great gift choice giveaways :) good luck everyone, congratulations to the winners & Season's Greetings to All!!

By: Saruna-Original on 12/17/12
Thank you Renderosity and a Merry Christmas to all!

I hope and hope and hope and... press my thumbs that I will be one of the lucky ones. ;)

By: TeeJayPee on 12/17/12
Well I may be late to the party - but I'm glad I'm here.
Thanks for the generosity!

By: Xanthmann on 12/17/12
And a very Merry Christmas to all of you at Renerosity, too! Many happy prayers and blessing to you all!

By: originalkitten on 12/17/12

By: moniqueh on 12/17/12
Thank you ! cool ! good luck everyone !

By: mumitroll on 12/17/12
:-) I just recieved the news about this an think it's a nice guesture. Nicew prizes and congratulations to the winners so far
Happy holidays to all

By: mikeerson on 12/17/12

Today we have randomly selected 1 Renderosity Community member who will receive a Wacom - Bamboo Capture Pen & Tablet

Today's Winner is:


Renderosity is my favorite website year after year. Totally wonderful and talented people - simply the best from all over the world! - Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All!!!

By: archbill on 12/17/12
What a great idea!
Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays

By: Green_My_Eyes on 12/17/12
Here's hoping ...

By: hotlilme74 on 12/17/12
Sounds so awesome!
Good luck everyone!

By: Magic_Man on 12/17/12
Congrats to the lucky winners so far and good luck to everyone else!
Happy Christmas!

By: kathym on 12/17/12
Awesome idea! Congrats to all the winners! Merry Christmas to everyone here at Renderosity!!!

By: MagnoliaMoonElf on 12/17/12
Fingers crossed!!!!

By: pokeydots on 12/18/12
Cool beans! I won a subscription! Do I have to do anything to get it, or will someone from rosity contact me? Thanks for the gift, and Merry Christmas :)

By: summer1412 on 12/18/12
For some reason I did not get say 2 or 3 in my inbox! Is there any way someone could at least shoot me a message and let me know if I won anything? I have no idea why I didn't get the notifications, and it wasn't in my junk folder either!

By: peps50 on 12/18/12
This is fantastic. As a new member here, I look forward to the newsletters and the abundance of information in them. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Thanks for having me the pleasure of being a new member!

By: moniqueh on 12/18/12
Congrats to the lucky winners ! Merry Christmas !

By: dru57 on 12/18/12
Great! Thank you :)

By: shujin on 12/18/12
It is so nice to be appreciated! And that goes both ways. We all appreciate your time and effort to give us renderosity.com. Thank You!

By: Morikane on 12/18/12
Super, merci renderosity. Joyeux Noël à tous

By: Handsome_1 on 12/18/12
I login. I get directed to this page. And there is no free stuff. Unless you mean the free stuff tab. Well, thank you and a very happy Sol Invictus to you all.

By: sunset_coust on 12/18/12
Thank You for the array of marvelous gifts I wish all would win I give my gift should I be so lucky. A Mary Christmas.

By: FreeFashion on 12/18/12
Very, very nice, thank you!

By: Steeleyes101 on 12/18/12
Thanks for all the wonderful items much appreciated and Happy Holidays to everyone at Rendo

By: Farnoth on 12/18/12
I was able to get to the giveaways the first couple of days, but now there is no link...

By: avalonbears on 12/19/12
Hope you all have a wonderful and happy holiday :) and ty to all vendors for being you :) :)

By: bobster04 on 12/19/12
This is great, but I'm currently in South Korea, can I get something shipped to me or should i send it to my sister in the states?

By: bluart on 12/19/12
great idea,thank,s happy holidays

By: Wonderland on 12/19/12
OMG, I actually won today!!! :) :) :) Is someone supposed to contact me re: shipping? This is the first time I've ever won anything ever!

By: lesstop on 12/20/12
Thanks Renderosity!!!

By: sstarangel on 12/21/12
This is great news even better news if i won a prize :-)

By: wpggal on 12/21/12
Thanks so much Renderosity for such a kewl contest. It would be nice to win something in my life. I always have such bad luck when it comes to contests though. Never have my name pulled. LOL ;-( Good Luck everyone. ;-)

By: Canassa on 12/21/12
Huhuhuhu thank you=)

By: chombito on 12/21/12
Happy holidays to everyone good luck and Thank you

By: Akyashaa on 12/22/12
Super exciting! Happy holidays everyone!!

By: Nuisum on 12/22/12
Started off great, haven't seen anything since day 6.

By: StaceyG on 12/22/12
you can look here at the archives everyday if you miss it in your email http://www.renderosity.com/mod/emarket/index.php

By: Gunglejim on 12/22/12
Thanks for the opportunity to win some great prizes and for being such a Wonderful Site. Good Luck to everyone. :o)

By: brok on 12/22/12
Cool!!! Thanks

By: adorety on 12/22/12
Thanks for the Holiday Cheer! Happy Holidays to y'all.

By: Betelman on 12/22/12
Welp, I'm a little late on getting the message but, good luck to the remaining winners.

By: DarkRider on 12/23/12
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

By: KuzMich on 12/23/12
Хорошее предложение в праздник!:) Всех поздравляю с наступающими праздниками Рождества и Нового года. Удачи!!!

By: glittercat on 12/23/12
Happy Holidays!

By: kissedbypix on 12/24/12
Yay this is cool

By: aqua1955 on 12/25/12
Merry Christmas there at Renderosity. Thanks for all the beauty we could make by the art of your vendors through this year. I am looking foweward to the beauty of your shop in the next year!

By: twingo on 12/25/12
Thanks for the discounts and freebies.
Happy Holidays.

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