10,000 Free Stuff Items!

by Lillian Hawkins

We would like to send out a BIG "Thank you!" to all the Free Stuff contributors that made this achievement possible. You have each "left your mark" in the evolution of art.

Our community now has Free Stuff Items available for the following programs: 2D, 3DS Max, Adobe PhotoShop, Animation, Bryce, Carrara, Cinema 4D, Fractal, Gaming (including Sims Skins), JASC Paint Shop Pro, Lightwave, Maya, MojoWorld, Poser, Rhino 3D, Terragen, TrueSpace, Vue, and WorldBuilder and more!

Just visit the Free Stuff area, look around, pick-up some goodies, and enjoy the "Free Stuff Fest" as we honor and celebrate those that share their talents and gifts. Our hats are off to you!

"By serving each other, we are free!"